About Us

We are a self-funded independent research organization dedicated to fund better research and collaboration in the Australian baking and grain food industry. The challenging issues of dietary polemics, obesity, climate change and international competitiveness are just some of the concerns that Rosewood Research is committed to contribute to, with our knowledge and expertise directed into funding our partnership programs.

We comprehend the need for constant evaluation and research in the baking and grains food industry. This continual research and innovation is a critical need to ensure protection of food sources from environmental impacts and to deliver improvement in health outcomes across the nation. Our vision is to support and strengthen the Australian grains and cereal industry's reputation for discovery and innovation

Rosewood Research's origins trace back over 60 years when it's predessor , the Bread Research Institute of Australia was established in 1947. Formed by a dedicated group of individual bakers within the NSW Bread Industry, Rosewood's precursor was established by the Bread Manufacturers Association of New South Wales. In 1996 the organisation changed its name from the Bread Research Institute of Australia Limited to BRI Australia, and in 2008, BRI Australia was further transformed into Rosewood Research. In 2016 Rosewood developed a partnership concept and in 2017 started developing a database of relevant research.

In 2018 a database of industry organisations was completed which was used to launch the Rosewood Research Partnership Program. The Partnership Program has created considerable interest and in 2022 Rosewood commenced work on seven different research proposals.

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