Introducing a New Grain “Tritordeum” Into the Australian Baking and Grain Foods Industries

Research Partner: Neesh Foods


Tritordeum is a new durum wheat and barley hybrid grain that has been developed in Spain. It has a golden colour and contains a significant quantity of lutein, a type of carotenoid which acts as an antioxidant.

Neesh Foods has commenced an ambitious project to farm and introduce Tritordeum as a new grain for the Australian baking and grain foods industries.

The benefits of Tritordeum grain and lutein include improved eye health, together with dietary fibre and phenolic compounds for improving gut health.

Project outline

The project has three stages:

1: Tritordeum grain analysis

Trial crops of Tritordeum have been successfully grown and harvested in South Australia and Victoria.

Milling, flour analysis, controlled baking and pasta trials have been successfully completed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries at Wagga and Tamworth. This has provided the detailed nutrient analysis needed to initiate Stage 2 test baking and the development of prototype products.

2: Commercial test baking, formulations and baking methods

An experienced test baker will adapt the standard formulations and baking methods for a range of breads, baked foods and pasta based on the results of the Tritordeum grain analysis. This will validate the nutritional information needed for retail commercialisation

3: Marketing and presentation materials

Neesh Foods’ marketing material, including a website and digital marketing, will be developed to highlight the many benefits of using Tritordeum natural cereals for the baking industry.

Potential outcomes

Early growing trials have been successful. There is significant potential for a grain breeding program to optimise Tritordeum for Australian soils and growing conditions.

Tritordeum has significant potential to improve the nutritional value of many baked and grain foods, while encouraging innovation and new product development throughout the baking and grain foods markets.

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