FY 2022 Industry Collaboration

Baking Association of Australia Initiatives

During FY2022 Rosewood Research has broadened our association with the Baking Association of Australia (BAA).

Rosewood Research exhibited at the BAA Trade Show in May/June 2022. The Bakers Association’s annual exhibition and baking expo is an important event for all baking industry participants. Our activities included engaging with visitors and exhibitors to promote Rosewood Research’s purpose and demonstrations to promote awareness of our current research.

Throughout the expo our master baker, Jan Huis in ‘t Veld’, provided artisan baking demonstrations and test bakes using The Lupin Co’s lupin flour which has the potential to improve the nutrition of a wide range of baked foods and contribute to better health outcomes ,In addition, participating ISSI “Artisan Baking in Europe” fellows attended the Expo to highlight learnings and outcomes from their fellowships.

Rosewood Research also sponsored the BAA’s Australian Best Pie & Pastie competition. The winning bakeries from each division of the competition received Food Labelling for Bakers’ nutrient analysis, ingredient declaration information and nutrition panel information for each of their winning products.

Based on the positive outcomes experienced, Rosewood Research will participate in the 2023 BAA Trade Show which will include an expanded Artisan Baking Expo and continue the Food Labelling for Bakers initiative.

Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology

Rosewood Research has partnered with the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) to complete the ingredient declaration and nutrition panel information for the division winners of the BAA’s Best Pie & Pastie competition.

This initiative has the potential to develop into an online training program and advisory service for Food Labelling for Bakers.

AIFST Conference and Exhibition

Rosewood Research exhibited at the AIFST Conference and Exhibition. Rosewood Research invited a University of Newcastle PhD student to attend the conference and exhibit the results of his research into using the waste products from soymilk production to improve the nutrition of bread and baked foods.

Rosewood Research has subsequently received interest toward supporting research projects with Melbourne University and RMIT.

Bill Hazard

Research Director
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