Food Labelling for Bakers

Rosewood Research and the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST)


Independent small bakeries that bake and sell fresh products over the counter in traditional white paper bags are currently not required to provide food labelling.

However, there is significant demand from local grocery retailers for independent bakeries to provide fresh chilled and frozen baked foods. For regulatory reasons, retail baked foods must be branded and presented in sealed packaging with net weight, an ingredient declaration, nutrition information in the standard format and manufacturer details prominently displayed.

The knowledge, cost, and technical complexity to comply with these requirements has limited many independent bakers’ opportunities.

Project outline

Rosewood Research has initiated a small-scale pilot program, engaging with a recognised food analytical laboratory and the AIFST to provide accurate and compliant food labelling.

The Bakers Association of Australia and Rosewood Research's collaboration has provided the Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Competition winners with the analysis and preparation of ingredient declaration and nutrition panels information for their winning products. This part of the project is currently progressing.

Key outcomes

Rosewood Research has established the protocols, analytical services and the provision of accurate ingredient declaration and nutrition panels.

The project will further understanding of the necessary logistics and associated costs which need to be refined. It will assist the development of an on-line learning program to provide bakers with knowledge on how to provide compliant food labelling information.

This program may also be expanded into TAFE programs for bakers.

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