Heritage Grains, Milling & Artisan Baking in Europe

Research Partner: International Specialised Skills Institute

Project outline

Artisan baking is a large and growing segment of the Australian baked foods industry, driven by growing interest in farming heritage grains and bespoke milling to provide heritage flour for bakers.

The project will study Northern European heritage grains, milling techniques and the artisan baking formulations and processes used to produce superior artisan baked foods, aiming to provide detailed information and training that will contribute to the growth of artisan baking in Australia.

This project will establish valuable links with businesses, artisan millers, bakers, and vocational training institutions in these regions. The knowledge gained will support development of multiple vocational training assets, business model studies and seminars, baking training and longer-term plant breeding programs.

The Fellowship researcher

Bhaskar Adeeb is a vocational education trainer at The William Anglis Institute in Melbourne with 20 years’ experience of artisan baking throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia. He is a member of the Australian Culinary Association and the Baking Association of Australia.

Research outcomes

The research will build valuable technical and practical information on heritage grains, milling techniques and advances in artisan baking, allowing the preparation of learning packages for TAFE and industry.

These learnings will support the sustained growth and development of the artisan baked foods segment of the Australian baking industry and enable active engagement with industry associations and the TAFE sector.

The learnings, technical information and key European contacts will provide valuable knowledge and input into proposed flavour and aroma chemistry of baked foods research with the University of Newcastle.

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