The Year Ahead

Artisan Baking

Rosewood Research will continue to build knowledge, expertise and capabilities capitalising on the outcomes of two International Specialised Skills Institute projects, while initiating new projects and working with master bakers through our ongoing activities with the Baking Association of Australia.

Food Labelling for Bakers

Rosewood Research will continue to develop the protocols, procedures and preparation of samples and analysis required to provide accurate ingredient declaration and nutrition information for food labelling. Rosewood Research will partner with the AIFST to commence the development of an on-line learning program “Food Labelling for Bakers”.

Test Baking Capabilities

Rosewood Research will continue to develop our test baking capabilities and expertise through engagement with independent and experienced test baking facilities.

International Specialised Skills Institute

The three current International Specialised Skills Institute Fellowships for heritage grains micro-milling, world’s best practice nutrition in aged care, and artisan baking in Europe will be completed in FY2023.

The International Specialist Skills Institute and Rosewood Research will support each of the Fellowship researchers to build on their findings, develop their research outcomes and communicate them to the relevant academic and industry channels.

Rosewood Research is planning to continue and build on these research activities through offering additional International Specialist Skills Institute Fellowships

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