Mission & Goals

During the year the Rosewood Research Partnership Program has provided funding and support to an expanding number of projects with academic and applied research organisations.

The Research Partnership Program

The Partnership Program has evolved to meet researcher needs for flexibility and continuity of funding across multiple stages of a research project.

The Partnership Program will support the stepwise progression of complex larger projects with extended time frames.

These projects will progress funding in defined stages of research. Each stage of research will include a project outline, research methodology and identify potential outcomes together with funding requirements. A Collaboration Agreement will be completed for each funding stage of the project.

In addition to funding third party research, Rosewood has also initiated its own research projects, where we engage with academic and applied research organisations through the Partnership Program. Rosewood Research has developed several potential projects and has commenced discussions with University of Newcastle.

A comprehensive summary of Rosewood’s ongoing research program is included on the following pages

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