Baking Expo and Trade Show

Research Partner: Bakers Association of Australia (BAA)


The BAA annual expo is an important event bringing together large and small bakeries, baking equipment providers, suppliers of ingredients and technology.

Rosewood Research had a prominent stand in the expo to display our current projects and introduce our research capabilities to the diverse baking industry trade show visitors.

Rosewood Research Activities

Artisan Baking Demonstrations

The Rosewood Research test baker provided daily artisan baking sessions, advice, samples and tasting of artisan breads.

The Lupin Co. Breads & Baked Foods

Lupin Flour has the potential to significantly improve the nutrient value of white bread. Lupin enriched bread and baked foods were baked daily. The Lupin Co’s Managing Director was available on the Rosewood stand to discuss the nutrition benefits and the simplicity of the baking methods. A key outcome of the research project is a comprehensive “Baking with Lupin Flour” technical guide together with formulations and baking methods.

Food Labelling or Bakers

Packaged breads and baked foods are required to display an ingredient declaration, nutrition information and manufacturer name and address panel. Independent bakeries have difficulty providing the technical information and this is limiting their potential for growth. Rosewood Research is trialling a Food Labelling for Bakers initiative to provide analysis of baked foods, provision of ingredient declaration and nutrition panels. Rosewood Research has offered to fund this service for each of the winners of the BAA Best Pie and Pastie competition.

Key Outcomes

During the event Rosewood Research has engaged with independent bakers, baking industry ingredient suppliers, equipment and technology providers. Rosewood Research has demonstrated our artisan and test baking capabilities, provided examples of grain food innovation and supported growth opportunities through the Food Labelling for Bakers initiative.

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