Introducing Lupin Flour in Bread & Baked Foods

Research Partner: The Lupin Company


Australian sweet lupin beans contain high quality protein, dietary fibre, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats together with antioxidants and essential micro-nutrients.

The Lupin Co. have developed a capability to produce high quality lupin flour, which can improve the nutrition of a wide range of baked foods. The purpose of this project is to determine the potential to incorporate sweet lupin flour in Australian breads and baked foods.

Research program

This project has three stages:

1: Initial Test Baking

Initial test baking commenced with 10% to 12.5% lupin flour substitution for wheat flour, allowing a broad range of sandwich breads, artisan breads and baked foods to be test baked.

The results have been used to develop a comprehensive marketing and technical presentation.

2: Rosewood Research exhibition and baking demonstrations

The Rosewood Research test baker delivered detailed presentations and successfully demonstrated baking of a range of lupin flour enriched breads at the Bakers Association of Australia Trade Show held in Melbourne at Moonee Valley from May 31 – June 2, 2022.

3: Next level formulation and test baking

An extensive test baking program will progressively increase the level of lupin flour substitution for wheat flour to determine the optimum formulations that deliver high-quality baked foods with the strongest nutritional benefits and health claims.

Potential outcomes

The Australian lupin flour used in these products has the potential to contribute to improved nutrition and health outcomes.

The Lupin Co. research program has the potential to drive innovation in bread and baked foods in Australia, as well as develop export markets. This represents an opportunity for industry growth and product innovation in baked and grain foods.

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