Industry Challenges

Issues such as the potential effects of climate change, increased competitiveness from international competitors, debate over obesity levels, diet and the health and nutrition of grain food products, all have the potential to impact an industry that is vital to the Australian economy.

At Rosewood Research we understand the importance of continued research investment to address these challenges and ensure the quality and value of Australia’s grains and grain foods continues to improve to remain competitive internationally.

Rosewood Research is an organisation whose birthplace came out of the bread industry with its purpose to provide research and services that improved the quality of bread and baked products. While we will continue to acknowledge our history, like any organisation we have had to adapt and evolve.

Over time our focus broadened to include research across the broader grains industry and we evolved into an independent, national organisation serving the entire grains food chain. This unique independence is now Rosewood’s great point of difference from most organisations across the grains industry.

Part of our strategic positioning is to have greater emphasis on research investment. Our goal, which we have achieved, is to be largely self-funded to ensure we only invest in ideas and research that is innovative and beneficial to the industry at large, with no constraints or ties to specific interest groups. By using our own funds this allows Rosewood the freedom to be independent and therefore invest its resources in novel ideas and innovative research that we see as beneficial to the entire industry, including our birthplace, the bread industry.

Continued innovation is crucial for the industry to remain competitive. Rosewood plans to partner with universities and other businesses to fund scientific research and education that adds value to the industry, while providing funding and support to universities for our next generation of scientists and industry leaders.

As restraints on government funding increase over the coming decades and research funds become increasingly difficult to source, organisations like Rosewood Research will be vital to the grains industry to ensure it has a source of research funding long into the future.

Our strategic vision is to become a significant investor in the Australian grains industry by providing funding to researchers, businesses and educational institutions who can perform research that is innovative and tackles the challenges the industry faces.

To ensure that vision is completed we are continuing to review and assess our development plans in regard to our North Ryde property with a view to maximising best use of the site to generate long term returns that can be used to invest in research beneficial to the baking, grains and broader food industries.

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