Our Mill and Equipment

Our location at North Ryde in Sydney is situated near to academic institutions and commercial grains and cereal business enterprises. The facilities at our North Ryde site include a commercial scale pilot mill designed to mill multiple varieties of grain and non-grain products including spelt, rice, pulses, maize and wheat. Included within the pilot mill is a test milling facility.

The mill contains the necessary equipment to remove the outer hull or skin from many different grains for further processing into granular products or flour. The Pilot Mill’s commercial scale abrasive debranner can be utilised for polishing rice, dehulling pulses, rice, barley, oats, spelt and debranning wheat, barley or maize.

The Pilot Mill also has a vario roller mill that can be used for various research purposes. This machine has the ability to infinitely change the speed of each roll, and hence the differential in speed between the rolls. With a number of fluting rolls available the vario roller mill is a useful tool for experimental, research and training purposes. With a large range of sieving sizes available, it is possible to achieve most particle sizes, suitable for any sieving applications.

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